State Street Community Church is a just and generous expression of the Christian faith in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. We aim to be a place where people can encounter Christ, participate in life-affirming community, and where all are welcome. We believe in fostering a community of Christ followers that values purposeful living, fairness, generosity, humility, and meaningful relationships.

State Street Community Church is the founder and manager of the Pax Center, the Brighton Street Green Space, the Jackson Street Community Garden, and the State Street Preschool.

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Our weekly meetings, where we come together to sing and pray, are focused on understanding the Scriptures and discussing big ideas about what it means to be human, to know God, and to follow Jesus.


Our faith is intricately connected to action. We connect best with God when we connect deeper with our neighbors through the Pax Center, Jackson Street Community Garden, & the Brighton Street Green Space.


We flourish most when we take time to focus on our communal and spiritual growth. Children and adults alike have space and different opportunities to grow at State Street Community Church.